Month: July 2016

Learn to use an AED, I saved our goalie’s life because i knew how.

January 29, 2012 Steve: In light of all the “press” we have been given, I thought I would spend some time to document the activities I remember of November 14th for you. How can I not mention that we got off to a good start? We scored the first goal; they tied it up in […]

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Recipe for D squared, or Don’s Dip

An awesome onion dip for chips Now this is pretty secret, so keep this to ourselves!  D squared, or Don’s Dip, has been in the family since 1972.  Take Philadelphia brand cream cheese (yes, it does matter), soften it in a microwave.  Put it in a bowl for mixing.  Add 3 tablespoons or so of […]

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Smell Good Stories

Being made out of aluminum means it won’t rust, that is important!