Returns & Warranty

Our Return Policy

Return policy-Our lawyers did not write this! We will take the product back for 30 days, just send the product back to us and state WHY you want to return it (so we can fix what you do not like). We will return your money within 14 days.

Our Warranty

Lifetime warranty-Our lawyers did not write this either! If your hockey valet needs fixing, just send it back to us and we will fix and return or replace it for you. Be sure to include the address to return the unit to. Please be fair here, if you run over it, is that our fault? If a part need replaced please e-mail us at and we will send you a new part.

Smell Good Stories

I used to throw my gear on the trunk of our car in the garage. Now I use Hockey Valet, hanging it on the garage rail out of the way of the door. The arms have protective covers on them so they do not scratch our car! After drying over night, my gear does not smell, and is ready for the next game. Hockey Valet also helps me to make sure I have all my gear, helps me ‘keep inventory.’ It’s great that it fits in my equipment bag.