Why Hockey Valet


Hockey Drying Rack

Fast. Easy. Durable.

We created this product, because as hockey players, we were tired of spreading wet equipment over the floor in the garage or the car after each game. Hockey Valet folds compactly to fit in your hockey bag, so you can easily take it on the road.


We are proud to employ individuals with special needs through our packaging facility: Lafayette Industries.  Learn more here

Crafted to be best in design, with the hockey player in mind

The key design feature is the patent pending Snap Lock® locking pin for the horizontal arms. In fact, if you have one of our old units, send it back and we will replace it with the new Snap Lock design! The dimensions are a balance of size to fit equipment, and to also fit nicely in your bag. This is the third generation design, and is simpler and more elegant than prior designs.

We believe this to be the best invention ever

Well, this may be a stretch, but believe us, your family will sure be happy that your gear does not smell as bad as it used to. I sure do. There is an added benefit of reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth on your equipment, which can cause health problems. Use Hockey Valet in combination with disinfectants to make sure your gear is germ free and not stinky!

Smell Good Stories

I really like that the product is “Made in the USA’. That is great!