Recipe for D squared, or Don’s Dip


An awesome onion dip for chips

Now this is pretty secret, so keep this to ourselves!  D squared, or Don’s Dip, has been in the family since 1972. 

Take Philadelphia brand cream cheese (yes, it does matter), soften it in a microwave.  Put it in a bowl for mixing.  Add 3 tablespoons or so of French onion soup mix, I prefer Lipton.  Shake in a bit of garlic salt.  Put in 1 teaspoon of horse radish, 1 teaspoon of Worcester Sauce, 1 teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, and 1/3 a cup of milk.  Now truthfully, I never measure anything, but do this to site and taste.  Mix the dip up with a hand mixer until smooth and eat with your favorite chips.  I am a Doritos fan, but regular chips are good too!

Smell Good Stories

I used to throw my gear on the trunk of our car in the garage. Now I use Hockey Valet, hanging it on the garage rail out of the way of the door. The arms have protective covers on them so they do not scratch our car! After drying over night, my gear does not smell, and is ready for the next game. Hockey Valet also helps me to make sure I have all my gear, helps me ‘keep inventory.’ It’s great that it fits in my equipment bag.